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As an experienced career counselor with over 10 years of experience, I would like to offer the following presentation topics for you and your key constituents. These presentations can be tailored to any audience. If you’re interested in having me present, please contact me at dkaltved@umn.edu.

Using Personal Branding to Enhance Your Employability

When you see brands (e.g. companies, products, services, people, etc.), you tend to associate them with a certain set of expectations or perceptions that are connected with a product or service or person. You associate these concepts, thoughts and images with these companies or individuals because of the brand each has established.  This presentation will include discuss and interaction about the simple concepts of Personal Branding, including how we as career development professionals can enhance our own brand, how to enhance the brand of our clients/students, how to prepare clients/students to leave a footprint relevant to their passion, helping clients/students to establish stronger credibility and visibility and create a competitive edge, and how to surround themselves with those that complement their strengths.  Join me for a fun, interactive and informational discussion.


Over Committed Career Counselors – Walking the Tightrope of Work Life Balance

If you have ever tried juggling, you know it isn’t easy! So why do career counselors tend to over-commit and try to juggle so many professional and personal responsibilities? This presentation will focus on the P.L.A.Y. technique of achieving greater work life balance. This is one presentation you will want to fit in to your busy schedules.  You will leave with an action plan that will guide you towards achieving greater alignment between your values and the demands on your schedule. Fun, informative activities and great conversations make this presentation a “must” for all career professionals. Start off on the right foot as you learn ideas to balance on your own work and life tightrope!


Transformation – Ensuring Student Success in an Internship

Despite differences between size of institution, professional roles working with transformational experiences (i.e. internships, study abroad, career changes), we share a common work with students/clients and their own development as part of the transformation process. This presentation looks to explain and discuss the application of Sweitzer and King’s Theory of Transformation Stages (1999) as it relates to working with students and clients to better understand and process their internship experience. In a time when college and university administrators as well as employers hiring our graduates/clients are increasingly expecting their experiences to provide a deeper level of learning, our ability to provide opportunities for self-awareness as well as self-authorship become paramount to our work. Grounded in the literature of learning styles and identity development, the Theory of Transformation Stages provides a structure understanding the types of internal struggles students and clients face as they navigate new types of learning experiences. Join me as this presentation looks to benefit attendees by identifying and defining aspects of the Theory of Transformation Stages; discussing strategies for using this theory to create an experience that provides growth, empowerment, and success; and provides examples of putting this theory to practice.

Using Social Media to Maintain a Healthy Career

What do Microsoft, PWC, Google, Target, and Ernst & Young have in common? All these companies (and many more) have used LinkedIn and other social media avenues to connect with and recruit candidates for employment. When it comes to job searching, social media is meant to help us not hinder us. So how do we make the best use of it? This program will incorporate the concept of a Healthy Career, and how students can enhance their Job Search Mass Index (JSMI) by better utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter to find your next job.

Using Humor and Metaphorical Thinking in Your Work

During these very stressful and challenging times it’s extremely important to gain perspective and to step back and laugh, relate concepts to commonalities, and explore how to use humor and context relationships in our work.  Scholars have stated that “Humor is a direct expression of unconscious processes; it brings together opposites, highlights contradictions and shows up the absurdity which makes us laugh” (Bloomfield quoted in Goldin & Brodan, 1999). Experts also state that incorporating metaphorical thinking is a good use of building connections because the human mind tends to look for similarities (Making Truth: Metaphor in Science, T.L. Brown, 2003). For instance, scientists will describe the distribution of mass in the universe as foam-like or that the earth is like a living organism. As for career counselors, we have the opportunity to describe career development concepts using metaphors – such as the relationship between dating and interviewing. By bringing together opposites, either in humor or through metaphorical thinking, we can effectively explain to clients’ ideas and strategies that they can relate to. Presentation topics include, using humor with a purpose, the use and timing of use, cultural considerations, types and strategies for integrating humor and metaphors in our work, and much more.  Join me for this fun and interactive presentation full of laughs.

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