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How to Get ‘Unstuck’

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Have you ever found yourself in a rut; one that seems nearly impossible to get out of? Or, do you have an inspiring or innovative idea that you would like to implement? Here are a few strategies that will help you focus on what matters most and how to go from idea to success!

Step 1: Get a Challenge in Mind

Make sure the challenge matters to you. Define it as specifically as you can. The clearer you are about your challenge, the more powerful your solution will be. Start by identifying the challenge and then define why it is important to you.

Step 2: Look for Inspiration

Browse the Internet for inspiring stories, quotations, or models of human dynamics and powerful questions that you feel will give you a jolt of inspiration. Next, find the one that captures your attention the most and write it down on a piece of paper. Carry this inspiring quote, story or powerful question with you for a minimum of 24 hours. Try and use it to change how you approach and behave that day.

Step 3: Put Your Idea into Action

Having ideas is not the same as deciding to do something with it.  Lets be honest – this is definitely an act of courage on your part and means that you are serious about getting yourself unstuck. First, write down at least one thing you will do to begin the process of getting unstuck (e.g. goal or step). Also, include the date for which you hope to accomplish this goal/step in the process. Next, determine what may potentially get in your way of achieving this goal. For instance, what personal limitations, people or external factors could keep you from reaching this goal. Some of these barriers will be external, however some of the biggest obstacles are ones that are internal. Knowing what barriers exist (both internal and external) will help you be clear about what support you call upon for help. Third, determine your support system. What personal strengths, people or resources will support you in achieving this goal? We often feel that when we are stuck, we must find a solution on our own; this is a tough burden to bear. While your strengths will definitely serve as a valuable resource, it is essential to tap into the people and resources available as well. Who and what are they? And what will it take for you to use them? Lastly, determine for whom and by when are you accountable. Find someone  to help hold you accountable. It might be a friend, colleague, mentor or community member. According to the American Society of Training and Development, the likelihood of you doing something if you agree to report back to someone goes up from 40% to 95%.

Make a commitment, get unstuck and most importantly don’t give up…follow up!


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