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Go Public on Google+ for the Best Personal Branding

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Google+ gives users almost complete control over how public they make their profiles and posts. If you plan to use Google+ as a personal branding tool, go public more often than not.



Google+ profiles are searchable from within Google+ and on Google.com. No one needs to be a member of any network to find your profile. No one needs to pay a fee to find your profile. Thus, the more public you make your profile, the more findable you will be. Learn more here.


Your Google+ posts can be as private or public as you choose to make them. When you post publicly:

  1. Your posts become searchable by Google.com. For more excellent information on ensuring that Google.com indexes your posts, see this.
  2. Your posts show on your public profile. If you don’t have any posts on your profile, the people checking you out will be less inclined to circle you because you won’t look active.

How do you make your posts public? Type “public” in the post’s Share box.


If you’re using Google+ as part of your personal branding efforts, go public to ensure that people can find your profile and your posts.

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